At Tech Park Basel, we take pride in providing world-class infrastructure and state-of-the-art facilities. Our modern, purpose-built spaces are designed to foster creativity, collaboration and productivity, accommodating startups in different development stages and specialties.

What infrastructure can I expect?

The Tech Park Basel offers modern office space, and fully equipped, state of the art laboratories at favorable conditions. Short notice periods for rental agreements and the option to expand office space when needed make for start-up friendly rental terms.

Office space Modern and flexible office space ranging from 12m2
Laboratories Equipped state of the art laboratories ranging from 43m2 and lab adjoining rooms
Shared lab equipment Autoclaves, ice machines, Millipore water purifiers, centrifuges and shakers/incubators
IT infrastructure & WiFi Modern and secure IT network, intranet, telephone system, Wi-Fi coverage, network printers, copiers and scanners
Coffee & water stations Hydrate & Eat in Break rooms, cafeteria and kitchenetts with coffee machines, water stations and dish washers
Meeting rooms 10 Meeting rooms
Book various meeting rooms for 2 up to 70 people
Additional facilities Such as shower, wardrobe and more
Parking Public parking spaces for visitors and parking spaces for rent available

What services do I receive?

Why Tech Park Basel? The Tech Park Basel offers several services for your convenience:

All around carefree

Benefit from a dedicated support and service-oriented Tech Park team – we will run the infrastructure so you can focus on innovation.


Find here an environment which is not only business-friendly but also employee friendly paired with unique tenant cohesion and collaboration. (Link Companies)

Regional Biotech Cluster

Benefit from our unique regional Biotech cluster in a collaboration friendly environment. Operate more productively while exchanging with like-minded.

Canton Basel-Stadt

Benefit of the proximity to the Canton Basel-Stadt, Economic Development Section. Receive access to various events and support.

Reception Services Receives guest, organizes parking tickets or coffee supplies and much more
Postal Services Mail acceptance and delivery of packages to your office or lab
Maintenance Maintenance of safety installations and shared equipment
Facility Management Facility management and cleaning services
Proximity to Canton
Services and network provided by the Economic Development Unit of the Canton of Basel-Stadt
Community Events Networking, inputs, exchange and more thanks to a variety of exclusive events.
Access to Network & Events Access to the network & events provided by and the Economic Development Unit Basel-Stadt
Rental relief application support Benefit from the rent relief for technonology start-ups provided by the
Canton of Basel-Stadt.
Additional services Additional services may be offered upon request
Miscellaneous Auditorium (up to 70 pax.)
Economic Develoment Basel-Stadt Services & Support
Basel Area Business & Innovation Services & Network*
Startup Accelerator Programmes*
Community *External


How can I apply?

At Tech Park Basel, we’re committed to fostering a dynamic and innovative environment for technology companies ready to make a significant impact in the industry. If you’re looking to be a part of a community where cutting-edge ideas and business synergies merge, ensure your company aligns with our core tenant principles:

  • Technology Focus: Your company should be primarily engaged in technology research or development, pushing the boundaries of innovation.
  • Pre-Market Stage: We’re looking for startups that are yet to launch
  • Innovation on the Spot: Companies that foster real-time innovation and can adapt, evolve, and improve rapidly.
  • Future Job Creation & Added Value: We prioritize companies that not only have a vision but also the potential to stimulate economic growth and job creation.
  • Financed: Financial stability is key, ensuring that your business can sustain, grow, and contribute to the community.
Application process
  1. Contact (
  2. Informational/requirement interview
  3. Criteria review & availability
  4. Decision by board

Do you need rent support?

Rent relief for technology start-ups Rental charges are a major budget item for young, technology-oriented companies, especially when specific requirements such as labs, clean rooms, areas for specific production steps or server rooms are necessary for the company.

The Economic Development Unit of the Canton of Basel-Stadt supports your company with rent allowances. Please find more information and the application form here:
Rent relief Canton Basel-Stadt