Industry Night 2022: Tech Park Basel draws a positive conclusion


Impressive first edition: The Regio Basel 2022 Industry Night was also a great success at Tech Park Basel.

44 companies from Basel and the region opened their doors on Friday (16.09.) and offered exciting public encounters with their working world, including Tech Park Basel. The rush was incredible. Until midnight, around 8,500 guests looked behind the companies' scenes. They discovered different working worlds during interesting guided tours, interactive workshops and experiments.

Tech Park Basel also drew an extremely positive conclusion from the first event. Of the 8,500 visitors, around 320 found their way to Tech Park Basel. They not only had the opportunity to explore the park's infrastructure. Furthermore, the industry night allowed visitors to connect with the start-ups at Tech Park Basel or discover the VR world. At Artidis, they got an exclusive guided tour and product presentation, or at Bottmedical, they experienced a high level of digitalisation first-hand through a 3D tooth scan. In addition, young & old were able to produce over 60 "Cool Packs" at four stations under laboratory conditions. Here at Tech Park Basel, the aim was also to bring the public closer to the history of the Tech Park Basel project, the development over the last ten years and the exciting stories of the start-ups.

Statements on the industry night 2022 at Tech Park Basel:
"My interests go into the natural sciences. That's why I'm here today, especially because of the start-ups. I find that very exciting. At school, too, we once had to develop the idea of a start-up." Lilith, Lörrach

"The Technology Park is my second stop. I just took the guided tour, and it's really, really interesting what's happening here." Karl, France

"I'm here today to get impressions of different companies and start-ups. We just went to Tech Park Basel and looked at some start-ups here. Later, we'll do some more experiments." Henrik, Lörrach

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