Tech Park Basel 2022

Technology Park Basel becomes Tech Park Basel – 2022 was an exciting year of change for Tech Park Basel and its tenants, starting with its new name. After a decade marked by a succession of three expansion stages and constant high demand for space, Tech Park Basel’s (formerly known as Technology Park Basel) new and catchy brand name simplifies internal and external communications.
After ten years of successfully growing Tech Park Basel and co-leading the Basel-Stadt Economic Development, Nina Ryser-Iten has opted for a career change. The position was successfully filled internally: Christian Harr (previous COO) will become the new CEO of Tech Park Basel by March 2023.
In the course of the year, various tenants secured additional financing for further growth and development. Several events were held for expert professionals and the general public alike. The first Regio Basel 2022 Industry Night deserves special mention. The event was a great success: By midnight, around 320 of the Regio Basel’s total 8,500 visitors had made their way to Tech Park Basel. Not only did they have the opportunity to explore the park’s infrastructure, but they were also able to network with the start-ups at Tech Park Basel, discover a virtual world, experience first-hand a high level of digitalisation with a 3D dental scan, or produce over 80 „Cool Packs“ under laboratory conditions.

Facts 6700 m² Rental Area
>25 Start-ups
>390 Start-up Employees
95% Ø Occupancy Rate
ANNUAL SUMMARY 2022, Tech Park Basel in 2023

Tech Park Basel 2021

In 2021, the Tech Park Basel was able to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Various activities marked the anniversary year, starting with a media conference in January and a symbolic handover of the keys from former Member of the Executive Council Christoph Brutschin to his successor Kaspar Sutter.
Over the past decade, the Tech Park Basel has responded to strong demand with further expansion and extension projects culminating in the successful establishment of a dynamic ecosystem for technology-oriented start-ups with considerable growth potential. Among other achievements, this has led to Basel ranking fourth among all Swiss cantons in terms of investment in start-ups in 2021 (according to the Swiss Venture Capital Report 2022).
Tech Park Basel currently offers an inspiring environment to 28 companies who have produced an impressive output: The number of jobs within these companies has increased tenfold, from 31 to 310 in the last ten years. Furthermore, despite the Covid-19 pandemic, various tenants were able to secure additional funding and achieve substantial growth: In total, tenants raised just under CHF 587 million in 2021 in published financing rounds, grants, awards and IPOs.
Ending its anniversary year on a high note, the Tech Park Basel celebrated a very popular “Open Day” in autumn: The event drew a festive crowd of more than 250 visitors and guests.a

Facts 6700 m² Rental Area
28 Start-ups
310 Start-up Employees
94% Ø Occupancy Rate
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Tech Park Basel 2020

The year 2020 was an eventful year for Technologiepark Basel and its tenants. At the beginning of the year, the Technologiepark Basel could integrate the space of the former “Basel Incubator.” With the addition of the directly adjacent lot of approximately 380m2 the total footprint of Technologiepark Basel increased to approximately 6,700m2. The additional real estate was already fully rented before its inclusion in the site. The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic impacted the operations of the Technologiepark Basel. Many events had to be postponed or moved online, and the home office replaced working on site. All parties involved showed a great deal of patience and resilience. Fortunately, there were no company withdrawals in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Many tenants could secure additional financing and even achieve growth in many different areas. The total number of employees working at Technologiepark Basel, for instance, increased to over 240. Moreover, one company highlight deserves special mention here: NBE Therapeutics was successfully sold to Boehringer Ingelheim for CHF 1.3 billion in December 2020.

Facts 6700 m² Rental Area
> 30 Start-ups
> 240 Start-up Employees
90% Ø Occupancy Rate
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